Over 2.5 Million Sq.Ft. of EIFS Covered Canada Wide

Masonry, Acrylic Stucco and EIFS Services


We use top brand materials available such as ADEX, STO, Durabond, Durock and Dryvit to ensure that our Acrylic Stucco / E.I.F.S. products will stand; wear and tear, UV rays and the test of time. 

Custom Mouldings/Trims and Scaffold Rental


We take pride in each and every job and strive to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction. 10-Year Material Warranty + 5-Year Performance Warranty is our difference from other contractors.

Our Core Values

What We Have to Offer


With 18-years of field tested experience, We are still firing on all cylinders. Our reputation has maintained a strong momentum, propelling us into a leadership position.


Attention to detail, design and perfection, Our quality built projects advertise themselves. Excessive list of customers, projects and the network to get it right the first time.


"We are not satisfied until you are" is our rule of thumb. We take pride in each of our projects and inform builders about steps to ensure long lasting smiles on customers.

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E'scape Condos
Standard on all our Projects
Larch Park

Digital Renderings We Do Only for Our Customers.

Email Below for Availability on your Project. Estimated 4-6 Business Days to Complete.

Why We Are Different

We stand for Quality, Durability and Energy Savings to lengthen the life-span of a building, resulting in satisfied customers, well earned trust and a step towards the upcoming greater future of Edmonton, Alberta.

we are special

We Get It Right - The First Time

We offer several construction services; Stucco and EIFS wall systems, eavestroughing, soffit-fascia, and stonework are just some of the skills that we expertly provide to our building projects.

we are unique

Just in-time Delivery

The perfection of our EIFS lies in the technique, passion and our will to strive to be the finest at our field of expertise. No project too big or too small, with our skills – we can come out on top, in the end.

+250 Happy Customers

Proud Member of

EIFS Council of Canada
Quality Assurance Program

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